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Teams Training

Why do I have different Teams options?

There are quite a few factors that determine what options a student has in Teams.

If you are a curriculum student...

If you log into Teams through your college account you will likely have additional options such as the "Assignments" and "Calendar" tab. This also goes for users who may use Teams in their place of work, or have been able to join the team with a code.

CU student teams options

If you are a continuing education student...

Logging into Teams with the email registered with the class, will likely render you fewer options. This is normal and most students in your class should have this view. Student's who see more options were likely faculty or staff of the college who registered for courses under their college email accounts.

CE student teams options

Keep In Mind

It's likely that instructors will have different Teams options, than their students. If you find that your instructor is using features you lack as a student tenant, please reach out to them so they can provide alternate resources.