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Teams Training

How do I log into my Teams class?

If you're logging in for the first time, please refer to one of our "Quick Start" guides for a step-by-step tutorial - Getting Started as Curriculum Student or Getting Started as Continuing Education Student.

If you're returning to your Teams class, and need a refresher, please continue reading.

1. Open Teams with Your Preferred Method

Teams can be opened a couple different ways 1) through the browser at or 2) from a desktop application that you've downloaded and installed.

If you'd like to learn more about downloading and installing Teams, please refer to Should I download and install Teams?.

Teams usage option

2. Log In

Once you've opened Teams, it may prompt you to log in again. Your curriculum or continuing education status will determine the account you should use to log into Teams.

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3. Open "Teams" from the left-hand menu

If you followed the quick start guide, the you should have already confirmed your class and registered it under your email. Doing so will mean that your class should automatically be available from this Teams tab. If not, please refer to the Why is my class not showing up?.

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