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Teams Training

Teams Quick Start

Continuing Education

If you’re taking a continuing education course at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, chances are you will be using Teams to access your virtual class sessions and much more! Watch the quick tutorial or read below to find out more about joining your Teams class for the first time.

Creating a Microsoft Account

If you do not already have a Microsoft account, it is preferrable to go ahead and set that up prior to attempting to access Teams. While it is possible to start the process of accessing Teams without an account, you will encounter a bit of back-tracking and potentially some sign in errors.


In your browser, use the above link and select the “Create a Microsoft Account” button to begin the process.

Microsoft Website

Enter your Personal Email / Password
Please be certain you are using the same email that you also registered with the class.

Creating new account

Verify Your Account > Complete Captcha
You will need to verify your account with a code sent to your email address and afterwards complete the robot challenge.

Verify email and start Captcha

Review Your Account / Update Personal Information
You will then be directed to your Microsoft Account. Optionally, you may add/update any other account information at your leisure.

Review newly created account

Logging In the First Time

Once you’ve received a Microsoft Teams notification regarding your class, you can begin logging into your Teams class. It is recommended that you practice logging in as soon as possible. This ensures that you are comfortable with the process and if you experience issues, they can be resolved outside of class time.


Open Microsoft Teams Email Notification > Select the “Open Microsoft Teams” button
Your email notification should look something like the below screenshot with information regarding the course you’ve enrolled in. To begin, select the purple “Open Microsoft Teams” button.

Email notification for access

Set Up Your Microsoft Account For Rowan-Cabarrus
You will again be prompted for your password, a display name, and another verification code.

Account setup for Rowan-Cabarrus

Choose Your Preferred Access Method
Upon completing your Rowan-Cabarrus account set up, you may be redirected to a page asking for your preferred method of using Teams. You have two options – 1) you can download and install the application to access your class directly from your desktop 2) or you can use the web interface for an equally comparable experience.

If you’re already comfortable with Teams or already have it installed, your computer may automatically redirect you to the desktop application. However, for less experienced users, we recommend using the web interface to begin with, and as you get more comfortable you may choose to download the application. For this tutorial, we will be using the web interface.

Selecting how to use teams

Sign In / Account Options
It’s possible that Microsoft will prompt you to set up additional security information for your account, please feel free to set this up at a time convenient for you.

Security for teams sign in

You may also encounter a sign-in message. If you’re using a personal computer that is not shared among others, it is safe to select the option to stay signed-in. In all other cases, please do not save your login credentials on the computer.

Select to stay signed in

Accept the Terms
As with all software, please review the permission access given to the college regarding your Teams class usage.

Review Rowan-Cabarrus permissions

Successfully Log In
At this stage, you should now be successfully logged in and have access to your course from the left-hand “Teams” menu item.

View upon first log in

Bookmark Your Tab
For easy access back into your Teams class, we recommend bookmarking the application in your browser. This will save you the headache of hunting down the link in your email or getting lost in other areas of Microsoft land.